Google gets it wrong?

Posted on Januar 30, 2008


Well I‘ m not sure, that google got it wrong in the article of „clio and me“ and the article of edwired. In fact google presents a perspective, which we (the good mainstream) can’t accept and tolerate.

And we should protect young students and pupils against running unprepared into this trap. But that’s the task of teachers and not of google.

Another very frightening result results in the search for Martin Luther King jr,. Google lists in the results the page www dot martinlutherking dot org, which describes itself as „a valuable resource for teachers and students alike“. This site is hosted by stormfront and trys to publish white supremacy propaganda in a very „subtle“ way. (Greg Niemeyer describes this case in his lecture and podcast to „the Foundations of American Cyberculture„)

You shouldn’t misunderstand me, but I’m a fan of liberty of opinion (in particular of information, which does not please me, or how Rosa Luxemburg said: „Liberty is always the liberty of the differently-thinking one“). The preparation of pupils to critizise und evaluate information should be the first task in school and cannot only begin, if at all, in the college or at the university.